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Ambassador for the Holy Dark


How to find the balance between the ordinary and a life of ceremony?

How to heal the broken relationship with your body and the body of Earth?

Beloved, every day is a miracle of waking up, sleeping, living, dying, beauty, color, sound, feeling. Each moment is a ceremony of each creature singing t into the now. If you would be conscious of this, rather than getting stuck behind your screen as soon as there is Wifi, or getting busy instead of seeing, really seeing, the beauty of now, you would be able to do nothing other than pray, praise, sing and fall in love.

This is the ordinary! That you or others don’t see it does not mean it isn’t completely ordinary. It only seems special because you are not paying attention. It matters how you offer your attention. It depends, like the poets say, how you breathe, how you stand, speak and see the world. Let go of the struggle. Be ordinary when it is time to be ordinary. Be in ceremony, when it is time to be in ceremony.

Which consciousness are you choosing? And why? Which way of participating with this world are you choosing? Loving this world means a reciprocal relationship of ordinary ceremony. Every day, giving your beauty in offerings to feed life, to feed the Holy in the Wild. Beloved, tell me. How do you, particularly, love the world?

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