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Cerridwen and Gwion BachSpider's Daughter Soul Storyteller
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When People Confuse Guadalupe for Mother MaryAlicia Enciso Litchi
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Hänsel und GretelSpider's Daughter
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VassilisaSpider's Daughter
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A Place for Myth and Music

Greetings Story lovers and bards of Soul,

Imagine, we are in the forest, and there is a walled stone enclosure with no roof but the trees and sky above us. The stars sparkle overhead and there is a fire burning. On one side of the enclosure, there is a small tower with a box office on the first floor and stage lights shining from the parapet. There are benches with sheepskins for warmth, and an open area at the front for the musicians and singers, bards and storytellers. The village gathers here for stories - the Big Stories that feed life, that arise out of the forests and hills and creatures of this place. 

When I was out on a vision quest, I was given this image. I have carried it with me for years, and now, it is ready to be born virtually, in each and every heart of the person who visits. Gratitude to the forest, the wild ones, that which feeds life, the Holy in the Wild, and to each of you for coming to gather in this imaginal place. May we re-member ourselves into Earth Community, may each story and song be a Dream of Earth, co-creating a new Story. We were born for these times. Each word we speak, each song, is a spell, a courting of the New Story that wants to emerge from Earth through each of us at this time... What do the ancient stories, the childhood favorites, and new dreamed up stories have to tell us about how to remythologize our lives and our relationship with Earth? Gather close to the fire and listen to the SoulStories, we will travel to the Land of Once Upon a Time ...



Stories can be maps through landscapes of our deepest longing to offer our medicine to a dying world, to bless, to transform with. Stories can give us a template to follow, how to die, descend and return initiated into deeper knowing.  And they can be glimpses of how to support the larger Earth Community (of which we are a part) move through our collective transformation.

What is it that you are uniquely carrying as medicine for the world? How do you find it and how do you learn to offer it? How do you tend to your own Wild Soul and the Wild Beloved? How can we be in Reciprocal Relationship with this eco-place that we live within? How do we find belonging? Where do we come from and where is Home?  


These questions have been asked as long as there have been humans to ask them and the Stories are the answers from our Ancestors… shall we listen?

With great and wild Love,

Sara aka Spider's Daughter, spinner of tales

SoulStories happen once a month, Sundays 7-8:30pm UTC +2

(1-2:30pm EST)

10 Dollars / 8 Euros

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Next Event: March 27, 2022

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Feeding the Stories

I believe the old, great stories need to be fed, in that we remember them, tell them, and invite them into our hearts. They are the memories of our Ancestors, the echoes of the original instructions for being human. They are the living lands where we come from and our intimate knowledge of how to live in reciprocity with the Holy in the Wild. Perhaps one of these stories will stir you, and you will bring her out onto the land and speak her, or you will bring her into your dream world or deep imaginal life... each time we speak these stories, we remember, and we are Re-Membered back into the Web of Life. We might even open the ears of our hearts to Earth's Dreaming of an unknown future, filled with feral creatures, monsters and magicians and begin to co-story a new world with Earth Community. 

Below, you can hear some of my stories (I apologize that the quality of some of them is not great) and continue on to read about my magical Monthly Online Storytelling gathering - a Place for Myth and Music - where I tell SoulStories, the Big Stories that help us to remember how to be Human within the Web of Earth Community and awaken to our exquisite uniqueness as a Soul.


  Wilde Sprache Abende

Nächsten Abend:

  Wilde Sprache
- ein Abend mit den Geheimnissen von Natur, Sprache und Seele

Ein Abend voller Magie, Gemeinschaft, Geschichten und Poetry. Wir treffen uns über Zoom und befinden uns doch gemeinsam am Feuer. Naturmärchen für Erwachsene, die unsere Seele nähren und uns der wilden Welt näher bringen.

Welche Sprache spricht Deine Seele?

Wie können wir dem tiefen Leben Worte geben?

Und was haben wilde Poesie und Seelengeschichten mit Tiefe, Lebendigkeit und Verbundenheit zu tun?

Wir laden zu einem zauberhaften, lebendigen und inspirierenden Abend ein, mit Gedichten von NaturpoetInnen wie Mary Oliver, William Stafford und Corinna Schwemer. Sara McFarland erzählt in der Tradition der alten Geschichtenerzähler mit Trommel Seelengeschichten. Poetische Anregungen zum Mitgestalten bringen Leichtigkeit, Miteinander und Berührung.

„Ich glaube, die Erde erinnerte sich an mich.

Sie nahm mich so zärtlich zurück.“

Mary Oliver, Sleeping in the forest

Karten: 10 Euro pro Abend

(Mit der Anmeldung bekommst Du die Bankverbindung. Mit der Überweisung bekommst Du den Zoom Link für den Abend.)


Ritual Theater 

Current project: Through the Hexenring

Through the Hexenring
Through the Hexenring

Pre-show the Holle is waiting with the Raven for Gerde

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The entrance to the Underworld
The entrance to the Underworld

Gerde is spinning at the well. Gerde gets blood on her wool and tries to wash it out in the water. Her spindle falls in and she jumps in to retrieve it.

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True wealth
True wealth

Annalena lets go of her material success and decides to begin the search for true happiness and meaning in her life.

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Through the Hexenring
Through the Hexenring

Pre-show the Holle is waiting with the Raven for Gerde

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 Trommelreise ~ Deep Imagination Journeys

Guide to WholenessSara McFarland
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Trommelreise zum eigenen TorSara
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