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this  ~ vocal sketches 

I am honored to sing my dear friend Steve Hyde's poems - that already throb with so much life and fire and seership - into life's frequencies. This collaboration is one that has 15 years of friendship, shared ceremony and zen meditation, countless cups of tea and hours of conversation feeding it. The alchemy of the shared passion for transformation, Soul, this, all encompassing love, honoring the old gods and goddesses of Earth and the unseen, speaking soul truth... All of this are present and echoing in the collaboration. He sends me poems, I improvise melody and rhythm, like a sketch. The ones I like may someday become an album. For now, it is a soul friendship birthed into the creative act of song. What a blessing.

From Steve

"what is time to the singer in the fragile dark before dawn?...  does the darkness have a feel to it, an audible or palpable texture, that this early bird divines, or is it patient and painstaking study of the stars that foretells the breaking of the not-yet broken day?...  who or what (if other than a bursting heart) signals that it is the right moment for song?...  or does the singer simply follow some old faith in relationship, an ancient and irrevocable collaboration with beauty?...  with night, with dawn, with day?...  those times when I have truly sung, was there anything more than the singing being, the being singing, any separate awareness that could or did precede song as universe,  universe as song?...   as measure, rhythm, beat, and being?…  and the antiphony of silence, the song of non-being that integrates it all…  


… time is not money, a friend once said; time is music…  if so, we must be here to sing…  


… hope that, wherever you are, however your world looks, you are singing with the whole of your hearts"



Here are three vocal sketches from the album this... 

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