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Ambassador for the Holy Dark

November 23, 2022

Soften, deepen, become more gentle. This is not a time for struggle. This is not a time for pushing on. This is not a time for knowing 5 steps ahead. Be slow and gentle and deep. Listen to the story below the story. Find the root place that will sustain you through the winter season. What you long for the most, intimacy with me, with the Holy Dark, the well and wise ancestors, the wild Others will not happen through will. You are and have been on a path for the last two decades that has brought you to this moment. Now, take the backwards step, the inward step, the mycelial step, again. The way seems unclear, unknown, diffuse, vague. The way appears to be lost, or dark, or suddenly you are unsure. Trust, trust, beloved. I am with you.

Again and again you move through cycles of initiation and metamorphosis. Mystery is shaping you, as the Earth is shaped by weather, seasons, waters, fire. Why would it be any other way? How could it be any other way? You are Earth, beloved, you do not live on Earth. This is the time for slowing down, offering up and dying away, decay and rot, sleep and dream. This is the time of surrender to the life death life cycle in its winter phase and face. Do not expect anything, become quiet and open, like the surface of a lake, and let the water birds rest and feed upon your heart. Reflect the starlight and the moon when she returns. Let the cold wind move across the surface of your heart and flow on. Become still within the wintering dream of Earth.

And yet, life is within, in the heartwombtomb of you and the bones of you, there is a creativity that is longing to be born. Tend your visions and imaginings well, feed them, hold them, sleep with them close in this dreaming time. Wait, until they ripen, wait until the warm sun returns and prepares the ground. Until then, tend them, do not drop the creative babies and become unconscious. That is not what is being asked. A deeper consciousness is needed, is claiming you. The consciousness of the Holy Dark has you. Let yourself be composted and changed without losing consciousness. Let your consciousness be changed without losing heart.

To listen to me reading this offering...

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