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Ambassador for the Holy Dark

October 25, 2022 Partial Solar Eclipse

It is time to remember, time to reclaim that, which your ancestors were forced to forget. Their indigeneity, their connection to Earth, the knowing of being Earth of a particular place. The rituals and ceremonies, the songs and dances. The gods and goddess are to be remembered, the ancestors, remembered. Journey to the time before the forced forgetting. The time of reciprocal ritual relationship with the Holy in the Wild, with the four legged and winged ones and green rooted ones and stone people. Time to remember how to make offerings, how to sing, how to dream. You are a seer, one who listens to the voice of Earth, the song and dream of Earth. You must find your way into your birthright, your gifts. Let them fully bloom, feel your magic and your power and carry it into the world, to your people. This veil you have been tending is your own body, the living altar to the ancestors. They forgot, so that you might have this life. Now, in these perilous times, it is time to remember. But not for yourself, not as an individual, for the idea of you being just one is part of the forced forgetting. You are made of multitudes, of bacteria and virus and plankton and dinosaur and bird and insect and all the waters and therefore the stone from all over the world. The concept of an individual that is discreet and separate is the suffering that has cracked you open to this loving, this in-service-to life, this devotion. Without the forgetting you would not be here, and without the forgetting you would not be who you have become. Bless the wound of forgetting, eat it, compost it, dance within its mycelial arms. The wound is the gift, the beauty, the canyon of light, the birth canal of the unknown. It is time to enter the dreaming even more fully and, when it is time, to return with stories of memory like bear stew in ancestral skull bowls, to feed to the people.

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