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Soul Initiation Guide

I am passionate about this life, here on this Earth, right now, in this time. I grieve and praise both the beauty and the loss, that is the result of the destruction by the humans of this exquisite Hologram of Beauty that is our Earth. And simultaneously, I trust that we too are part of Earth and their dreaming. We are not separate . We are in perilous times, and it is more important than ever to wake up from the Nightmare that the Modern Over-Culture Paradigm has become and remember ourselves as one who embodies the Dreaming of the Earth.

We long to remember our Wholeness and our Resiliency, remember our relationship with all of life, coming home to Earth, belonging to the More than Human Community. I use all of the tools- physical, energetic and spiritual- I have learned and received, to support you towards wholeness and the building of inner resources in order to reduce your stress level, to learn to love yourself and to stand in your power.  I do not offer the solution to your problem- what are often labeled problems, I understand as symptoms of disconnection from the Web of Life and the Trauma of Civilization. Both blessing and curse, they are the place where our gold is buried and shaped.

When you have rooted in your Home-Place on this Earth and remembered the original instructions of being Human- a Beauty maker, in reciprocal ritual relationship with the More than Human World, you may hear the songs of longing for your Soul. I understand Soul as the largest web of relationships you embody from the heart of you. You might experience it as the longing to know who you are and how you uniquely are medicine for this world. The encounter with our own Soul and embodying her in the world, in service to the Holy in the Wild, is, I believe, the single most powerful way to make change in our world. It is the way of creating a Nature connected, wilderness honoring, healthy community of elders and initiated people to support those in adolescence and childhood to walk their singular Soul Path of Beauty to their own Soul-Place.


I am a Soul Initiation Guide, which means, it is my sacred work to guide you on the Journey to Soul, to descend into the Underworld of your own Psyche, wander on the Wild Earth, travel to the home of the Gods and Goddesses and the forces of nature, where your Soul waits for you. She is singing the song of your own heart, courting you, enticing you into the deeps, asking you to give up the old life that you have known and which no longer serves you. One of my gifts is to heal the Golden Web of Life, as it manifests within your Soulbody, your energy-body and in the Earthbody at the node on the Web where these intersect, into the past and out of the future, within the multiverse. I invite you to radically change your perspective, traveling through wild lands, through Dream, Deep Imagination Journeys, courageously meeting your Shadow and your Muse, your unique creativity. It is your original path, as David Whyte says, to the Image at the center of the Truth you were born with. 

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with Sara McFarland and Amanda Jade Fiorino

In your Body are the memories of your ancestors, their struggles, their survival, their hope and longing for you to live and thrive.
In your body, are the memories of the Land, the Earth, the Wild Ones that live with and around you, their dreams and longings.
In your body, is stored the wounds and traumas of your life, of your ancestors, of the lands where your people come from and those lands you live with and within. They shape your gifts, abilities and relationships with the Human and More than Human world and are the alchemical secret to a life pf purpose.
In your body, are the memories of how to be of place, autochthonous. They are still lying in your dna, waiting to be awakened and called forth.
In your body, is the Somatic Pathway to your Soul, through your emotions, your longings, your desire, your Lust and your wild feral self.

The nature of our participation and how we story-with the world depends upon our capacity to be in-formed and de-formed by the magnificence and terror of being alive. To render ourselves capable of transformation so as to be in service to the rest of life. To follow our longing like a scent trail that is also a living into our greatest belonging. A kind of belonging that does not seek to fix or save the world, but rather love the world, dream with the world, and be undone by the world.

At Feral Lunacy, we support folx in being re-shaped, dis-memebered, and re-membered by the world, on behalf of the world. Guiding those who hear the persistent and undeniable call to live lives with feral exuberance, we aid folx toward an embodiment of what the Earth longs to dream through them and with them. An embodied and rebellious shape, invoked by the quake and rumble of an eco-mystical r/evolution, whose distinction is never prescriptive and always co-evolving. Cultivating psychospiritual resourcing and communal resiliency, we believe personal and collective metamorphosis are intrinsic to one another, and that these times are bubbling over with personal transfigurations whose enmeshment is ushering in seismic waves of collective change.

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