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Following the threads...

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an invitation
to co-weave

This is performance-art-ritual using the artistic mediums of consciousness and sound. Re-membering ourselves as Earthcommunity. I asked myself, as a carrier of the oral tradition as traveling singer and storyteller and ritual performance artist, what would it be like to create sound art through the medium of a podcast? Following the threads of beauty and wonder, frequencies of consciousness through airwaves rooted in the oral traditions of story, poetry, music, prayer, invocation, and theater, the deep possibility of “podcast as art form”, not just information radio, began to emerge. Weaving a world of connection and beauty through sound-installation art, you are invited to step into the frequency of wonder. I intend for us to emerge changed, transformed, more in love with life and yourself and the wild world. I intend for this podcast to become an art form, a beauty making, and offering to the Holy Earth. This podcast is a ritual of remembering our true inheritance, as David Whyte says, to carry that which is hidden/ as a gift for others. 


I want to invite you to listen, really listen. To open your ears to wild voices, songs of lake and ocean and forest. To let your ears become cleaned by these songs, out beyond the raucous sounds of city and motor and plane. Or perhaps below in the deeps, where sounds are dreams, are songs, are Earth’s breath, body and voice. Medicine for the imagination, we listen across the species boundaries and follow threads through apparently unconnected realms, building bridges of under-standing, revealing worlds within worlds. 


Weaving the voices of wild Others, frequency, original and shared music, guided imagery, poems from friends, rhythm, ritual techniques, bardic performance and trance stories. As I follow the threads of the Web of Life, come with me over the threshold, out beyond the known, to explore other ways of being woven with the alive and ensouled Earth…

Podcast coming soon...

In music and speech, nerves enlist the air as a neurotransmitter, erasing the physical distance between communicating bodies


Sound is ephemeral. Yet in its passage, sound links living beings and wakes the latent powers of biological and cultural evolution.


David George Haskell, Sounds Wild and Broken

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