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Sara McFarland

 Storyteller and Ritual Theater Performer
Soul Initiation and Wild Mind  Guide
Death Doula for the Great Dying 



I believe in the regenerative capacity of the More than Human World (often referred to as the wild, or nature) and the wild essence of the human Soul. And I experience that these two things are deeply, mutually dependent upon one another. Through Reciprocal Ritual Relationship, we weave the golden threads of Soul and the Wild together again, re-membering ourselves into the Web of Life. Life is made of these threads, or Frequencies, that we experience as Sound, Color, Taste, Substance, Feelings, etc. Through attention, love, listening, offering our beauty, ritual, speaking from the heart, shifting consciousness through, e.g. dance or drumming, we are able to follow the Frequencies of Soul; home to our one true place in the Golden Web of Life. I am a singer of Frequencies and a traveler of the Web. I accompany you, like a pianist accompanies a singer, on the journey of Soul, discovering of your way of belonging woven into the Multiverse. Through Dream, Deep Imagery, Depth conversations, Ritual and other techniques of opening ourselves to Mystery, we travel the Web of Life, the Hologram of the Multiverse together. If you choose to go through the Portal, the place where the veil between the worlds is thin, your Soul awaits you on the most alluring and risky journey of your life.

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Sara McFarland

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