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Sara McFarland

Improvisational nature-infused Singer  
Storyteller and Ritual Theater Performer
Soul Initiation Guide
Death Doula for the Great Dying 


Your companion on the path


Photo by Katja Wehe

I believe in the regenerative capacity of the More than Human World (often referred to as the wild, or nature) and the wild essence of the human Soul. And I experience that these two things are deeply, mutually dependent upon one another. Through Reciprocal Ritual Relationship, we weave the golden threads of Soul and the Wild together again, re-membering ourselves into the Web of Life. Life is made of these threads, or Frequencies, that we experience as Sound, Color, Taste, Substance, Feelings, etc. Through attention, love, listening, offering our beauty, ritual, speaking from the heart, shifting consciousness through, e.g. dance or drumming, we are able to follow the Frequencies of Soul; home to our one true place in the Golden Web of Life. I am a singer of Frequencies and a traveler of the Web. I accompany you, like a pianist accompanies a singer, on the journey of Soul, to the discovery of your way of belonging woven into the Multiverse. Through Dream, Deep Imagery, Depth conversations, Ritual and other techniques of opening ourselves to Mystery, we travel the Web of Life, the Hologram of the Multiverse together. If you choose to go through the Portal, the place where the veil between the worlds is thin, your Soul awaits you on the most alluring and risky journey of your life.

Sara McFarland is an improvisational nature-based singer, SoulStoryteller and performance artist, naturopath, ritualist, wilderness guide and mentor. She is a Wild Mind Guide for Animas Valley Institute ( and is currently a senior student of their Soul Initiation Guide training.


Sara travels the Hologram of the Golden Web of Life in many ways, one, in particular, is through listening to the melodies that Earth and the Ancestors sing through her. She is currently working on her first Album, Singing over the Bones, which blends improvisational vocals, songs, nature sounds, frame drum, flute and the gifts of other musicians to create a Web of music that heals, even as it cracks us open to the truth of these times. Another is her uncanny ability for shapeshifting and storytelling that the Big Stories demand of her as they come roaring or weaving through her body and heart. She has opened A Place for Myth and Music to make a sacred space for these most ancient of human practices - song and story - to be celebrated in Ritual Theater. In the future, she will be inviting guests and colleagues, troublemakers and tricksters into this space to play, keen, inspire and celebrate together.

As a guide, Sara welcomes Humans of all genders, sexual orientation, colors, race, and every other "identifying characteristic" with honesty and curiosity, devotion and loving fierceness in service to Soul. She is a queer both/and creature who is not afraid to visit the dungeons or heavens, closets or wild forests with you. She assists you on your Soul Path, to discover your unique and interwoven essence. Along the way, you will be supported to heal the trauma of civilization and developmental trauma through Sacred Wound Alchemy and practices of coming home and belonging to Earth Community. Sara works with individuals who long to know who they truly are, to take their place in the Golden Web of Life, bringing all of their gifts, powers and abilities to the people and in service to Earth, through the process of Soul Initiation. In her guiding, both one on one and in groups, she utilizes elements of energy medicine and ritual techniques, sound and voice, Dream work, Deep Imagery, herbal spirit medicine, Wild Mind and the 4 feminine Archetypes of the Labyrinth Path.


Sara spends her time apprenticing in Reciprocal Ritual Relationship with the Holy in the Wild and following the whispers of her Muse and guided by her own Soul's holographic, crazy Wisdom and Beauty. She bridges the distance between the ancient ritual practices of being in conversation with the wild Earth and the More than Humans and the creation of a future paradigm of human culture which embodies the Dream of the Earth. Her work is dedicated to the humans and Earth community in 500 years time.



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Sara McFarland

+49 178 6369403

To make an appointment for a nature-

based Soul Guiding session, click on my 10to8 link below. If we have not yet worked together, please choose the free 30 minute initial meeting. If you are a returning mentee, please choose the 60 or 90 minute slots.


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